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Final Editing Of The Book Is Done!

It was one beautiful Fall like day yesterday. Wow! Family, here's a "Wisdom From The Jazzman" book update! The final book editing is completed on the publishing side and I'm reviewing the changes and modifications. Tomorrow it goes back to the publisher to go to print. It Looks Great! Next ... step, finished pre-sale copies to autograph and distribute to those of you who have purchased them in advance in support of this project. Again I say thank you for believeing in it, me and the vision.

Jay Lang Receives Community Service Award

We're in the final editing statges of "Wisdom From The Jazzman". That should be completed in about a week or so hopefully. Then we go to print for the Pre-sale copies. Thngs are moving along nicely. Also those of you who purchased a pre-sale copy will receive a free 1 hour compilation Smooth Jazz Cd that I personlaly put together just for your believing in the project in the beginning. Thanks for your continued prayers on this journey friends.
On another note, I believe in order to receive Blessings from GOD you have to be a Blessing.

First Phase Editing Completed!

Well family, the 1st phase of editing is completed on my end and the book has been formatted. Now
the publisher is doing his thing with the final editing. we are right on schedule with the "Wisdom Frm The Jazzman" book release. I should have pre-order copies between late September and Mid October. Those of you who ordered autographed pre-sale copies will have them sent out first, then the 1st printing run begins for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle and the other sites. Books will be in stores worldwide  in January 2013.

The Journey Begins

July 5th, 2012
Family, the journey has begun. Book signings, appearances, speaking engagements and readings are currently being scheduled by my marketing team. I hope to see you soon. I consider the publishers as family. They have surpassed the words supportive and encouraging. Understand that this is GOD's work, not mine. I was just the vessel and the conduit to get it to you. It's not about the money. I have a career and a blessed life through the good and the bad. Its about the inspiring lessons sent from above through me to you.